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What support you will get from us?

What support you will get from us?

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Product Engineering

Transforming your Car Sharing idea into a cutting-edge Car Sharing Software requires exclusive domain expertise, knowledge, and commitment. At Creazioni Dinamiche, we bring together top engineering, design as well as prominent product development talent to build a Car Sharing Software that stays top of mind. 



Our experts understand your requirements and then work on minimum viable product (MVP) prototypes, proof of concept(POC) by analysing the market segment, size, potential growth, target audience to validate your product ideation.



Efficient analysis is the supreme key to successful product development. Our Business Analyst team delivers meticulous analytics of your vacation rental idea in order to implement a highly comprehensive product. Our team of proficient Business Analysts work with SRS, SOW, wireframe, Use Case Diagrams to envision your idea proficiently.



Being a leader, we narrow down on features that are required along with the UI and UX (User Experience) to engage the target audience. Our UX team develops prototypes to create and implement effective UI - with the main purpose of taking your product user experience to the next level. That's what empowers you to achieve solid business results.



Our proficient team of developers write the lines of the code round the clock to assure that they meet the requirements of the client's project. Our project managers will monitor the development cycle to maintain high-grade performance as well as timely completion.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our team of QA experts test every single piece of code in order to ensure the product efficiency. The product goes through numerous tests such as unit testing, regression testing, integration to assure glitch-free performance. Additionally, we even carry out speed, security, load, stress testing along with the server load balancing according to your requirement.



Post your agreement, our team ensures the software product functions smoothly, and offers enhanced experiences. On top of that, we will aid you with the deployment on your server in order to help you to launch your product in the online market. The server can be close to your target market or location from where you expect traffic.

Are you ready to become the next Multi-billion-dollar startup?


 We have partnered with and helped 500+ startups. Among which many of them are valued Multi-Billion dollars now. Today, we say with pride that we deliver cutting-edge technology solutions with the business expertise of more than 14+ years. We swear by the computer code to deliver the robust, scalable, yet cost-effective solutions in the market. We bank on our modern technology & industry expertise, that empowered us to deliver ingenious startup solutions. With entirely-organized development methodologies, rigorous QA testing, and modern tech-stack, we provide leading solutions that exceeds our clients' expectations, always!


Sharecaar Features

Admin Panel

It is very extensive and easy to use, and administrators can use it to easily manage the functions and settings of their website.

Attractive and composed editor

 The text editor has rich text, which makes it very easy to use in terms of design and presentation.

Content management

 Administrators can manage the content of static pages of the website, where you can add or edit the aspects of content.

User management

 The administrator can manage users through all the detailed information of registered users in the system, and edit, delete and display all users in the background. Itineraries are performed by displaying driver information, vehicle information, itinerary information, location and reservation information for each trip.

Vehicle information management

You can manage vehicle information through functions such as car brand and color. Administrators can add, edit, view and delete management panel functions.


Admin are going to be able to manage rides by viewing the driving force details, automotive details, journey details beside location and booking details of every ride.

Currency management

Administrators can manage currency by setting currency names, codes, characters, etc. exchange rates against US dollars.

Site Settings

Site logo, site icon, API settings, email settings, footer settings page, payment settings, interface statistics and other settings can be easily managed through ADM site settings.

Manage Commission

Admin will easily set and manage commission percent for various commissions appreciate commission from driver, customer, cancellation fee for a customer, deposit commission and redeem commission.

Manage email templates

Administrators can manage email templates by adding email template details from the management panel, which contains detailed information such as constants, subject types, descriptions, and templates.

Redeem Request Management

Admin can manage the user's redemption request by viewing the PayPal ID, the redemption amount and user data, and can pay from the backend.

Payment Management

The administrator can pay the remaining amount to the rear driver after deducting the management commission.


Frequently asked questions managed by the administrator are displayed in the footer to meet user needs and can be easily managed by the administrator.



Frequently asked questions managed by the administrator are displayed in the footer to meet user needs and can be easily managed by the administrator.


Newsletter Management

The footer bar that meets user requirements is convenient for administrators to manage. The ability to manage newsletters by editing, viewing and adding newsletter details and configuring newsletter subscribers as active or inactive through the backend.

Comment Management

Management Administrators can view comments received from users, including user name, email ID, message description, and can delete and view detailed information.

Language control

Administrators can manage multi-language modules by controlling language constants and language details in the management panel. You can add, edit and view detailed information in the management panel.

Contact Us

Admin will be able to manage contact details with user data and only reply back from the platform itself.

Sharecaar Home Page Management



Admin may be capable of managing the famous rides panel, displayed at the homepage, wherein admin can view, edit, delete and add the source and destination vicinity and look at the list of rides in conjunction along with the consistent visitor fare. Admin can similarly set the trip as active or deactivate.


The admin can replace the textual content for the way it works. A quite easy textual content will provide a perception to customers to test the demo.


homepage banner could have the banner photo uploaded from the admin panel alongside the tagline textual content.


Admin can add social media URLs from the admin panel which are placed in the footer and clicking on that will open the respective page.

Sharecaar General Features

Consumer Profile

The person profile includes person description, call and profile photograph alongside person email cope with, contact information and social media logins.


Users may be able to offer a journey from his/her dashboard through filling up numerous required details together with area, date and time, rate in step with tourists and number of seats available

Booking information

customers could have the facility to view the booking information from his/her dashboard and they'll have the benefit to clear it out through asked rides and upcoming rides and also be capable of viewing trip records.

Reservation information

customers can view the reservation details in conjunction with the experience status, vicinity info, passenger information, car details and trip details, so that they can hold themselves on time for the journey.

Account Settings

The customers will have the privilege to control the account info such as exchange password and control email notification.


When an important event takes place, notifications are being dispatched to users on a timely basis.

Password Recovery

In the unfortunate event, if the person overlooks his/her password to login to Sharecaar, he/she will be able to make use of the enrolled email to sustain the password.

Bug-Free yet Secure launch

 Be it a read-made script or a custom development answer, we deliver software at ease with secured and bug-free release.

Sharecaar Common Features

Email Login and Sign up

Customers of Sharecaar can sign up/log inside the site via filling the specified information utilizing the mail id.


Facebook Connect

In the sign-up and login page a person may also have the ability to sign up/login the use of his/her Facebook credentials at the side of login with email credentials.


Google+ sign up

In the signup and login web pagse users may even have the ability to join up/login with the use of his/her Google+ credentials along with login with email credentials.

Payment Gateway

Dealing along with the payment is a vital piece of Sharecaar, it empowers along with the smooth and secure payment transaction.

Sharecaar Marketing & Promotional Features


On Page SEO

Sharecaar empowers by providing the web page titles, meta keywords and descriptions as and where required to make the pages search engine pleasant.


SEO-friendly URLs

In Sharecaar, the URLs that have been used are SEO friendly and prove to be useful according to the search engine friendly perspective.


Social Media Sharing

This function permits tasks to be shared on exclusive social media websites like Google+, facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sharecaar Security Features

Email Verification

This characteristic is used to ensure that unauthorized email has no longer been used to access the internet site through sending verification hyperlink over email id verifies the user signs up.

SQL Injection proof coding

Coding used in Sharecaar is designed in a way to prevent SQL injections and XSS attacks thereby maintaining the code securely.



This feature, when utilized in sign on form, will avoid spam registrations and entries at the system.

Database Indexing

With this feature in location, the velocity of statistics retrieval might be decreased thereby rendering faster yet loads quickly.

*Only available in Enterprise Edition





We accept Paypal, Credit Cards (VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), Debit Cards, Online Payments through Net Banking, Bank Wire, MoneyGram, and Western Union.
The payment gateway on our site accepts Paypal and Credit Card payments via Paypal gateway as well as Debit Card and Credit Card payments via 2checkout(erstwhile avangate). Please contact us in case you prefer to pay through other payment methods.

Sure. Please contact us now to arrange for the back-end admin panel demo credentials for your review.

Within 24-48 hours of payment on business days in case you are buying Sharecaar 'as is'. Contact us in case any customization work is required as, in that case, development and delivery time would vary based on your requirement. An agent from our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to get details about your domain where you want to run the license version, any customization requests etc. in order to get started.

Sharecaar app is available in the Android & iOS app. Web, Android, and iOS are also fully customizable. Kindly get in touch with us to discuss the details.

Within 24-48 hours of payment on business days in case you are buying Sharecaar 'as is'. Contact us in case any customization work is required as, in that case, development and delivery time would vary based on your requirement. An agent from our team will get in touch with you as soon as possible to get details about your domain where you want to run the license version, any customization requests, etc. in order to get started.

Sharecaar app is available in Android & iOS app. Web, Android and iOS are also fully customizable. Kindly get in touch with us to discuss details.

Sure. Installation service is complimentary for Sharecaar Enterprise. We can provide you a zip file (containing source files of the product) on our CDN for you to download if you want to configure it manually on your server/host.

Or we can get the product installed and configured ourselves on your server by requesting you for your server credentials

It requires the server with the min. configuration of :

  • Dell R610, Dual Intel Xeon 1.47 GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 20 to 40 GB Space
  • 800 GB B/W which is actually of a Virtual Private Server with the operating system CentOS 6 or equivalent.

Additionally, It would require the server where the software installation etc. is allowed where following packages would be required with SSH enabled environment.

  • Node Version: 4.2.6
  • Express: latest stable
  • Forever: Latest Stable

We provide hosting - you can go through this link - http://ncryptedhosting.com and purchase the hosting as per the requirement. However, as mentioned above, for Sharecaar, Standard KVM VPS or higher level of hosting would be needed. http://ncryptedhosting.com/virtualserverlinux-hosting.php

You can check out manage dedicated servers in case you are planning for data and traffic-heavy application - http://ncryptedhosting.com/managed-servers.php

Major hosting providers should be able to offer you a plan with all the server requirements by default. Hosting companies using cPanel are recommended! Alternatively, you can host your site with us in order to avoid dealing with multiple vendors and have us as your one-stop-solution. Check out our affordable linux hosting plans. Below listed are the basic and recommended settings for smooth functioning of Sharecaar:

  • Linux Server with CentOS or any other compatible operating system
  • MySQL InnoDB Database Engine
  • Mysqli PHP extension
  • Apache 2 and above or NGINX Web Server
  • PHP 7.2 with multibyte string, ZIP archive support
  • PDO sqlite, mysql, mysqli
  • MySQL version 5.0 
  • Zend Guard Loader with PHP 7.2 support (required for all license types)
  • GD2 Library or higher
  • EXIF PHP extension (responsible for image processing, including on Mobile)
  • Apache 2 and above mod_rewrite enabled
  • Enabled PHP5 - curl ssl
  • Enabled Zlib extension
  • Register Globals OFF
  • Enabled PHP functions - fopen, fclose, fwrite
  • Minimum memory limit of 512MB for smooth operation

Sharecaar license includes 1 Year FREE maintenance support for technical bugs and updates for both the Professional and Enterprise Editions. We ensure that any updates that are made to the Sharecaar script are completely free to you (for the given edition) within one year of your purchase; meaning you can see all the improvements we make in your first year of purchase. This way, you will never pay again for the same issue, if there are any in the first place!

Included with all Editions:

  • Maintenance Support & Updates (for the given Sharecaar Edition)
  • Professional Deployment / Installation

Yes. Multi-Domain extension license is available for different TLDs as long as the domain name is same. e.g. If the product license is purchased for ncrypted.com then the multi-domain support would still be available for ncrypted.co.uk, ncyrpted.co, ncrypted.net, provided they have the same client ownership. However, ncryptedprojects.com would call for a new license to be purchased. Please contact us for more details. 

Yes. Sharecaar is 100% customizable and 99.9% open source except for the license file which is encrypted. The license file is used to validate your domain key and will not restrict you from customizing the script in any way. The platform is highly scalable, robust, and user-friendly which makes it easy to customize it as per your requirement.

Contact us in case you require a complete custom development solution for a different niche or business idea for a bigger scale project and/or to avoid license restriction.

Sharecaar is coded in PHP 7.2 and MySQL using a scalable structural architecture with high emphasis given to JS, Ajax, jQuery, etc. to provide your users a world-class web 2.0 experience while maintaining the script's simplicity and integrity. Coding is based on a custom-built structure which makes it easier to develop and customize similar websites with quality and speed.

Yes, you will get full source code including all programming, scripting, database and design files along with README documentation for Sharecaar. The README file will guide you for installation; it also has functional explanation for the core modules and admin features.

No, you will not be dependent on us in any way. You can contact us whenever you require our support for alterations or customization. Alternatively, since Sharecaar is open source, other experienced developers can also do customization for you.


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